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About Us

We’re just two guys from the Tri-State area covering everything from inside the ring, to outside the ring, from current events to promotions like AEW, WWE, IMPACT and NWA. When we’re not talking about the wresting world, we’re interviewing the people within it. We’re passionate fans that love the art of pro wrestling and we hope you’ll tune in and be a part of this journey with us.


Nick Deterding 31. Born and raised in South Jersey. Graduated with a BA in Marketing and MS in all things wrestling.

First match was Taker vs. Mankind at KOTR in 1998 and

favorite matches are Ric vs. HBK at WrestleMania XXIV

and Nakamura vs Joe at NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2


Keith Krajewski but folks call him Juicy. 33. Born and raised in Philly, residing in its ‘burbs. Been a chef, was gonna be a teacher, now working on a degree in management but true mastery is in nonsense. Loved wrestling and everything about it except for a short span when I thought I was cooler…we’re all young and dumb at some point right? All-Time favorite match: ‘Taker/Mankind HIAC at KOTR ‘98. Favorite match live: Black/Cole Extreme Rules match at Takeover: Philadelphia 

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